Car Selling

Car Selling – Steps For Selling Your Car

Car Selling

Whenever you want to sell your car, you will have to spend a lot of time promoting it online as you try to find the right buyer. Car Selling is usually an easy process but requires some dedication and attention to detail. But even if you already found a buyer for your car and you agreed on a price, you still have to go through a few simple, yet crucial steps. Before you go ahead and pursue the tasks listed below, keep in mind that you need to finalize the payment. Only then you can move onward with the steps listed below!

Complete the bill of sale

Each state has specific requirements, but most of the time you will have to complete a bill of sale. This is requested since it can verify the purchase and it will also help you complete the title transfer. Plus, the bill of sale can be very helpful if you sell independent vehicles. The bill of sale will protect both the seller and buyer by offering a legal documentation of the entire exchange. So, it’s very important to complete this document to have legal proof that you sold your car!

Sign over the title

This is maybe the most important step in car selling. The title is what makes you the owner of a car. Once you sign over the title, you will not be the owner of that vehicle anymore. A good idea here is to make sure that the VIN matches up with the vehicle and that the mileage is written accurately on the title. After you shared this info and you signed over the title, you will not be the owner of that car!

Fill out the Release of Liability

The Release of Liability is very important because your buyer can keep the vehicle title registered in your name so that you will be responsible for the fallout of any accident. By filling out the Release of Liability, you will be able to cancel any insurance policy and release any liability that you may have.

Provide warranty documents, if applicable

Depending on the age of your car, you will see that the vehicle still has a warranty for some or all of its parts. Make sure that you acquire the necessary warranty documents for each particular part. In case your car has a general warranty, you may want to include those documents as well.

Provide copies of maintenance records

or not, if you missed any checkups, what repairs you performed if your car had any accidents and so on. These are crucial documents that you will need during the car sale!

Include any additional transfer paperwork your state may require

Each state comes with its set of paperwork requirements. This is why it’s a very good idea to search online and see what documents are requested by your state, aside from the general ones. The requirements can vary, which is why you may want to either visit the local authorities or search online in order to find this information. After you find it, make sure that you add all the additional paperwork to complete the process.

Hand over the keys!

Once the paperwork is complete, you can finally complete the car selling process.To do that, you just have to hand over the keys, and the process is finished.
As you can see, it’s not hard to sell car, but there will be quite a bit of challenge if you don’t know the right approach and focus. It works to your advantage if you know all these steps, so memorize them, follow these to the letter, and you will complete the car sale in no time!