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What App Gives You Free Money

There are a number of different apps that allows you to earn free money. However, some of these apps costs you money simply to download the app then you are required to work hard at watching videos, filling out surveys or doing a number of other time consuming jobs to earn a few dollars a month. Still others are complete frauds or make it almost impossible to actually earn any money at all.

One App that really does allow you to earn money for free is an app called Ebates. This is a great app if you do a lot of shopping online and aren’t the kind of person who expects instant gratification.

The idea behind Ebates is that you get coupons and cash rebates simply by purchasing things you would be buying anyway. There are over 2,500 retailers who work with Ebates to provide you with the free money you want. Each retailer offers a different percentage for things you purchase, and not every retailer rewards you for everything you purchase from their store.

Keep in mind that not every retailer gives you cash rebates for everything you buy through their online store so make sure that you know what items you will receive money for. Most rebates run between 3% and 6% on the items you purchase so you will need to do a lot of online shopping to make real money.

Where Does the Money Come From?

You may wonder where the free money from Ebates comes from. It actually comes from Ebates via the different merchants that ebates work as affiliate for. The way the entire system works is that Ebates earns a certain percentage of money from various retailers for every person who purchases products from the retailer using the eBates app. In turn Ebates gives a certain percentage of the money they earn through the people who shop using their app. This is beneficial to everyone since the merchants make a profit from your business, eBates earns money from the purchases you make using their app, and you make free money through using  eBates.

While you won’t make a huge amount of money, you aren’t required to doing anything other than buy the normal products you would purchase online anyway.

How it Works

The eBates app is easy to download and to use. In fact, once you download this app you can either use the online shopping mall, which requires you to sign into the ebates every time you shop or you can choose to download the eBates cash back button which allows you to get money back for just shopping.

The one thing that concerns some people is that you only get payouts for your commissions 4 times a year. However, this may actually be a good thing since your earned money builds up and you receive a larger amount once you do get paid. This means instead of getting a few cents or a few dollars every day or week, you could $100.00 or more all in one shot either via a check or paid into your Paypal account.

In addition, if you get friends to sign up using your referral code you earn even more  free money.

That makes the Ebates app one of the best free money apps available today.