car history by vin

Easy Way To Find Car History By Vin

Car History By Vin – Every car is expected to have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and is unique to every car. No two cars can have the same VIN. The VIN is often used to find the history report of any vehicle such as the name of the original owner, the title branding as well as the distance the vehicle has covered. You also get to know if it is stolen or recovered, or it has encountered some major problems before such as damage, accident or has been recovered.If you must buy a used car, it is very important that you get as much information as possible. The essence is to help you in decision making when purchasing a used car, thereby saving you from making a bad purchase.

There are ways to find a car history by VIN but unfortunately, most of them are paid while some free ones give limited information. But you will get the most essential information you need about the vehicle.


The National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a service called the VINCheck which is offered for free. With this, you are able to get a car history by VIN to determine if the car has been reported to be stolen, recovered or if it has been damaged by accident or flood. Using theVINCheck, you are firstly required to have a VIN, and you are permitted to make a maximum of five searches within a period of 24 hours per IP address. The only drawback is that information sometimes takes as long as six months to be updated to their database. Therefore, in that case you might have to check other veritable sources for the information you need.

Vehicle History

Vehicle history is another free site that offers you detailed and helpful details on cars like fuel economy, cost to own, price analysis, selling history and predictions about the best time to buy that particular make and model. Uniquely, they provide current recall information and detailed list of the expiration of manufacturer warranties. Reviews by users shows high client satisfaction which have been enjoyed from the service offered.


Since 2010, AutoDNA has maintained its business providing free car history by VIN to Europe and the United States of America. They offer a 24/7 online customer service. They rely on verified sources such as National Administration, financial institutions and central registers of vehicles for their information. With this, some detailed information which the current owner might not be aware of is revealed all for free.  Information takes about 3 minutes to be retrieved from the site, thereafter; it can be conveniently downloaded as PDFs for printing and sharing via email.


Iseecars offers free car history by vin report which includes, price analysis, price history, projected depreciation and the best times to buy and sell. Their analysis of mileage, positive and negatives about the vehicle. They show you how the car compares with other cars, projected depreciation and best time to buy or sell the car.Iseecars is so exceptional that it offers a free comprehensive VIN Report that includes up to 200 data points.