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The Unsurpassed Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Car

A few days ago I was walking through the center of a city when I saw a parked junk car that had the following message: “This car is given away.” Surely the owner, knowing that he could not get even a single dollar and the urge to get rid of the vehicle; he thought it would be better to give it to someone who needed it before losing time unsubscribing the unused automobile.

Never Abandon Your Old Car In The Street

When you no longer want your car, abandoning it in any street or in the open is never the best option, because you risk the City Council sanctions with a fine, depending on the case, can reach up to 30,000 dollars.

That is why it is important that we know the different possibilities that we have when we get rid of an junk vehicle out there.

Take Your Old Car To A Dealer

If the reason you want to get rid of your vehicle is to buy a new one, the best option is to go to the dealer where you plan to buy another automobile and try to make a good offer for the worn out car of yours.

In many occasions, it translates into a significant discount on the new purchase and also saves us from having to start the tedious procedures necessary to cancel a vehicle.

Sell Your Old Car To A Private Individual

If you don’t have that option, for example, because you never want to buy another vehicle, you can try to sell the vehicle to a private individual. The procedures for changing ownership of the car will have to be done in an agency.

As a large part of these transactions are carried out with strangers, it’s better to make sure the title changes its name as soon as possible. Of course, to carry out the change of ownership, it’s necessary that all payments that affect the vehicle, such as fines, taxes, etc., are in order.

If you believe that your car is worthless but still works, you can give the car away. In this case, the logical thing is that the one that is going to be the new owner takes charge of the expenses that are derived from the change of ownership.

Give Your Old Car To AVTC

When your car is no longer useful, or just if you want to get rid of messes, it is best to contact an Authorized Vehicle Treatment Center (AVTC), which is dedicated to decontaminating, reusing and recycling the different components of cars at the end of their useful life.

Depending on the state and value of the automobile, the AVTC will pay us a sum of money and tow the old vehicle for free to their facilities. For this you will have to carry out a procedure to request the cancellation of the car, in exchange, they will give you the certificate of the vehicle destruction.


Many still abandon their cars in the middle of the street, in the parking lot or in the open, and if it still happens, it’s often due to a legal problem. The above methods will aid you a great deal to get rid of your car fast.